St Paul's Anglican Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


OUR PASTOR: The Reverend Canon Mark Quay


(205) 248.2079 [email protected]

Education: According to my wife, too much for my own good!  Attended several schools, including the Defense Language Institute, the University of Cambridge (ICE/College House), Covenant Theological Seminary, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I hold two doctorates—one in Christian education and one in ministry leadership.

Ministry Experience: Assistant/associate/senior pastor, church planter (and rescuer), Christian school headmaster, and seminary dean; visiting professor in Germany and Rwanda

Other Diocesan Duties: Canon for Special Pastoral Intervention

Hobbies: Hiking, natural history, furniture restoration, writing, Celtic music and history, Ozark and Appalachian culture and history, reading the Inklings, Wodehouse, Agatha Christie, watching bad sci-fi movies

A Farewell Message from Pastor Mark from St. Peter's Anglican Birmingham, AL

Pastor Mark's Sermon Archive from St. Peter's Anglican




Cate Rodgers, Senior Warden


Wade Feltman, Junior Warden


Michelle Kijeski, Treasurer


Victor Merriam, Organist


VISION TEAM: Tricia Stone, James Niiler, Cate Rodgers, Wade Feltman