St Paul's Anglican Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Daily Prayer

One of the greatest gifts the English Reformers gave the chuch are the services of Morning and Evening Prayer.  These daily prayer services were designed to provide a context within which God's Word could be read, heard, learned, and spiritually digested.  The services followed a very basic outline:

Penitience - In which we confess our sins to God and receive by faith his provision of forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Praise - In which we praise God with our lips having been opened by the gracious mercy of God.  The praise-book of the Church is the Psalms.

Proclamation - In which God's Word, a section from the Old Testament and a section from the New Testament, is read, received, and believed.

Prayer - In which we lift up to our Heavenly Father, on the basis of His Son's perfect work, our petitions for all that we, the church, and the world may need for our bodies as well as our souls.

Contemporary language Daily Prayer for morning, throughout the day, evening, and night from the Church of England 

Audio recording of contemporary language morning, mid-day and evening prayer by the Rev. Michael Jarrett at the Trinity Mission

Audio recording of traditional language morning and evening prayer from the 1928 Book of Common Prayer