St Paul's Anglican Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The Gospel

What follows is a short outline of the basics of the Christian message about. . .


God made the world and He is the loving ruler of the world. 

Human Beings

God made us rulers of the world under Him.  However, we all reject God, trying to run life our own way without Him.  Because of this, we fail to rule the world, society, or ourselves in the good ways God planned.


God will not let us rebel against Him forever.  God's punishment for rebellion is death and judgment.


Because of His love, God sent his Son into the world, the man Jesus Christ.  Jesus always lived under God's rule, yet by dying in our place he took our punishment and brought forgiveness.

New Life

God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler of the world.  Jesus has conquered death, now gives new life, and will return to judge.

Two Ways to Live

The first way to live is to continue to reject God and his good rule by trying to run life our own way.  This way results in condemnation by God resulting in death and judgment.

The good news is that there is another way to live.  In this way, we submit to Jesus as our ruler, relying completely on his death and resurrection.  This results in forgiveness by God and the gift of eternal life.

This material is adapted from the Two Ways to Live gospel presentation published by matthiasmedia.