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May 8, 2015

American Evangelicalism

Some thoughts for Dads with Mothers’ Day approaching. . .

by Lanier Nail

Mothers’ Day is this Sunday.  This is the quintessential “Hallmark” holiday, and in the South, it is a big deal.  On this day, men abandon the fishing holes and golf courses of their Sunday morning routines and go to church with their grandmothers, moms, and wives.  Only Easter Sunday can compete with Mothers’ day for church attendance figures.  After the service, a Thanksgiving-worthy feast is likely to be served, ironically, by the women whom the day is intended to honor.

This image of women being “honored” by having to work extra hard to serve the men who “honor” them speaks, I believe, to a larger reality that plays out every Sunday in Southern families and churches. . .

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Posted by Lanier Nail at 10:23 a.m.
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