St Paul's Anglican Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Our Heritage


The word "catholic" simply means "according to the whole". It refers to the "whole"Christian church throughout space and time. We take seriously Jesus' promise that he would never leave or forsake His Church; therefore we make use of all the treasures of the Christian faith our forebears in the faith have left us, including the great Creeds, Confessions, Hymns, and Liturgies (orders of worship).


Taking our cue from the Reformation of the Church in the sixteenth century, we submit all of our beliefs and practices to the authority of Scripture (the Bible).  This reformed emphasis is necessary for true catholicity because it constantly calls the church to base her teaching on the Word of God given to the whole church.  This protects God's people from whatever fads or false-teachings may be prevalent at a particular point in history.   It also results in a healthy emphasis on the Bible which leads us to Christ, by whom we are saved by grace through faith to the glory of God.



The best description of the word evangelical is that it means "gospel-centered" or "gospel-driven."  The gospel is the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  An evangelical church is a church which is committed to proclaiming the gospel and nurturing believers in the gospel.  The proclamation of the gospel is God's way of calling and reconciling sinners to himself, and in the gospel the power of God to save sinners is made known.